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General Sprinkler System Troubleshooting


If your sprinkler system has a LEAK OR VALVE STUCK ON and you need to turn the water OFF please refer to the “Locate and check your backflow device” section below.


If your system is not coming ON, please check the following items.

I. Is your controller operating?

If there is no display then it is either not getting power or it has been damaged by a power surge or lightning strike.

1. Check the outlet with a lamp or an alarm clock to see if it has power. If it has power, but the controller has no display you will need to call us for service.

2. If the outlet has no power:

 A. Check to see if your breaker has tripped to 'off'. If it has tripped, then reset and check the outlet again.

B. Check your garage, adjoining bathrooms and/or laundry room to find the GFI plug that controls the plug for the controller. Push the “reset” button on this plug and check the outlet again.  If you still don’t have power, call an electrician.

II. Is your sprinkler system being supplied with water? 


Locate and check your backflow device.

The backflow device is the main cut-off valve for your sprinkler system. It is usually located within a few feet of your main water meter. Your water meter cover is usually an oval or round metal lid located near the street.  Your backflow will be rectangular in shape and have a green plastic lid. If your backflow has been covered with grass or landscaping it may not be visible. Using a screwdriver gently probe the soil until you locate the buried valve box. Once you've located it you'll have to uncover the area to remove the lid and check the handle positions. The handles should both be parallel to the unit for the water to be on - if one or both are perpendicular, then turn them 1/4 turn to the parallel position.  

Please note that the handles on this device can serve as an emergency cut-off should the need arise and will shut water to ONLY your sprinkler off, leaving water to the house unaffected.

If you are unable to turn your sprinkler system on after checking these items please contact our office to arrange for service.

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Other potential issues….

If you have sprinkler heads that continue to leak water when the system is not running, you probably have a valve going out. It will need to be located and replaced.

If you have heads that don’t pop up, won’t go back down, or leak around the base the wiper seal is probably worn out and the heads need to be replaced.

If your system runs through a cycle and then starts over you may have either multiple start times programmed, or something on your B or C programs. Delete all extra start times and programs.